• BHG Aiken Treatment Center
  • BHG Aiken Treatment Center
    is an Alcohol Rehab Program located at 410 University Parkway Aiken, SC. 29801 and can be contacted by calling 803-641-6911.

    Treatment Services Offered: Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Methadone Maintenance, Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, AIDS/HIV Clients, Expectant Mothers, Women, Men, Hearing Impaired Clients
    Payment Options: Self Pay

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  • Alcohol-dependent patients infected with the Hepatitis C Virus develop liver injury at a younger age and after consuming a lower cumulative dose of alcohol than do those without HCV.
  • An estimated 75% of husbands or wives who abuse their spouses have been consuming alcohol prior to or at the time of the abuse.
  • Most wine coolers have as much alcohol as a 12-oz. beer.
  • Approximately one in three 18-to-24-year-olds admitted to emergency rooms for serious injuries is intoxicated.

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